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Apple iPhone in India - A study

Was the iPhone a failure in India? An analysis

Sukanya Vijayakumar

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Apple iPhone in India - A study

Sukanya Vijayakumar
Guided by Dr Xu Wu Apple's iPhone 3G in India
The Game Plan?
Or a Debacle? India – the land of many A nation of 1.15 billion people – the largest democracy
History spanning four millenia
Seven major religions, 1500 languages and dialects India -
The Land of Plenty Opened up to free trade and liberalization in 1992
Fourth largest by purchasing power, fifth largest consumer
GDP grows by more than 5%, economy grows at 7.6%
Value-conscious – (willing to pay more money for better quality) – and cost-conscious –(will pay the lowest price) market segments. Apple can reach out to the former but is struggling Mobile Scene
in India Mobile network penetration rate
wireless customers added to its base in January 2009 alone. 120 million mobile phones sold each year, 6 million of them smartphone Nokia has 60-70% share of the mobile phone market Media NO Buzz,
NO Coverage blogs and social media sites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and other chat forums
- rife with speculation and rants of disgruntled iPhone owners Misinformation $199 Speculation by "experts"
pricing same as in the US Apple made effort to pacify buyers NO Possible reasons
for failure
Nokia has several products across segments
...also been around longer lack of 3G network Dependence on Airtel/Vodaphone for marketing:
lack of a corporate base Single product > 100% 15 million Pilot Survey Key Takeaways It's expensive, compared to similar phones from other brands
47% Prefer phone subsidized by contract even if it means sticking to one network
58% Nokia leads in brand preference - 30% Demographics:
80% of respondants
age: 22-35 (movers & shakers in smartphones segment)
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