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a guide to competitive dancing

the basics about competitive dancing

shannon moor

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of a guide to competitive dancing

costumes what examiners are looking for hair
A guide to competitive dancing different types of dancing in competition Attractive- bright colours Different designs- be adventurous long and plain short and plain open back, two colours thin straps and colours that match good design on the background Make the adudicator like what you are wearing and give her some colours and great designs to remember if you are doing a soft Ballet or Lyrical, you should wear something like this..... if you are doing a dance that is lively and exciting, then you should wear soemthing like this.... If you are doing an exciting dance, bright colours are usually worn,because they capture the dance and they are eye-catching! ballet tap acro modern lyrical freestyle solo's duet's trio's troup's or group dances song and dance presentaion of your... head... arms... basically your body.... aslo a big smile......... and pointed toes... and finally technique! Your hair should always be neat... even if you are doing a mad dance, and your hair is mad, it can still be NEAT!! if your hair is messy and not neat then you look like you can't be bothered and don't care. this could make the judge think that you can't be bothered. if your hair is neat and not in your face, your facial expressions can be seen and brightens up your face. you need to be aware of the space you have on the stage and use it correctly. if the stage is small don't do really large steps ENJOY DANCING!
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