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Static Volcanic Eruption

No description

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Static Volcanic Eruption

Static Volcanic Eruption
When Moutain Tambora first erupted
On April 10,1815 this beast first erupted.Many still to come. There has been many more but we cant name them all.We do know the last dangerous eruption. In April 10 ,2012 it did a great damage to people when it last erupted.
What caused it erupt?
The weather effected the volcano because the northern hemisphere had a average of 0.53 degrees causing the volcano to erupt.
Its danger
The town of Sunbawa had 11,500 people killed and 35,000 homes destroyed which was very sad for the town.
Some ways they could take caution of the next eruption could be having a basement, move somewhere else, don't build a house out of wood, listen to tv or radio. We would recommend these most of all the precautions you could have.
By:Matt,Peter,Amane and Yasine
This volcano is famous for the bigest and most dangerous eruption on earth. This volcano is in Sunbawa island in Indonesia.
Our sources
1: Wikipedia
2: Youtube
3: About.com
Thanks for watching!!!
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