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Once Upon A Prepositional Phrase

No description

Katrina Flachsbarth

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Once Upon A Prepositional Phrase

Once Upon A Prepositional Phrase...
Katrina Carpenter, Jermeka Caston, Ryan Miller, Austin Young
Once upon a time....
a kind hearted girl, Cinderella, lived as a servant to her evil step mother and step sisters.

Cinderella dreamed of escaping her life of servitude and soon her dream would come true.

What is a Preposition?
The fairy God Mother said to Cinderella, “First, you have to know what a preposition is to understand prepositional phrases”.

How Are Prepositional Phrases Formed?
A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and usually ends with a noun or noun equivalent.

The noun or noun equivalent is known as the
object of the preposition
What does a prepositional phrase do in a sentence?
A prepositional phrase will act as an adjective or adverb in a sentence
Where does a prepositional phrase appear?
When a prepositional phrase modifies a verb, it can appear anywhere in a sentence.
Win Cupcakes!
Get into your groups
Wait for activity sheets

Whichever group finishes most quickly and accurately will win cupcakes.
Cinderella learned a prince was looking for a woman who could help him complete 10 prepositional phrases. The woman who could complete the phrases the fastest would receive a reward and become the princess.

The kind hearted Cinderella decided she wanted to help the prince with his phrases. However, there was one problem. Cinderella didn’t know anything about prepositional phrases.

In her free time Cinderella tried her best to learn prepositional phrases but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t understand them. Frustrated, Cinderella cried aloud, “If I could only understand prepositional phrases”.

Suddenly, there was a poof, and Cinderella’s fairy god mother appeared to teach her about prepositional phrases.

A preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun to form a phrase that modifies another word in a sentence.
Prepositions are words like: On, in, into, from, to, at, till, down, during, than, up, under, toward, at, as..
Here is an example of a basic prepositional phrase:

Once upon a time.

An adjective prepositional phrase:
• usually answers one or both of these two questions:
Which one or what kind of?
• typically follows the noun it modifies


The girl with the blonde hair is Cinderella.

An adverbial preposition phrase:
• usually answers one of these questions:
When, where, why, and how?
• Usually modifies the verb, but can also modify, adverbs and adjectives

Snow White runs into the woods.


King Triton
of humans
. (At the end)

During a storm,
Prince Eric. (At the beginning)

The prince will
in time

Cinderella. (In the middle)

Quick tip
: If a prepositional phrase is movable it’s certainly adverbial.

In the forest
, the prince found Snow White.

The prince found Snow White
in the forest
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