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Henry VIII

A short practice Prezi about Henry VIII and his many wives!

Anna Hambrook

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Henry VIII

The Many Wives of Henry VIII Katherine of Aragon Anne Boelyn Anne of Cleves Katherine Howard Catherine Parr Jane Seymour Daugther of King Ferdinand
and Queen Isabella of Spain They funded Columbus's journey to
America. Remember? She used to be married
Arthur, Henry's older
brother ...but he died :( Wife #1 Wife #2 Royal couples usually
had mottos. Anne and
Henry's motto was
"The Most Happy" Anne and Henry had
a daughter: Elizabeth I She would later be
England's last Tudor
ruler. She fought with Mary
for the throne. Anne was found guilty
of adultery and witchcraft. She was beheaded. Henry divorced her in a
very public, very controversial
trial. Henry said their marriage
wasn't Christian. I think it's cause he
wanted to marry Anne Boelyn. Katherine died of a flu...
or a broken heart :( Katherine and Henry had
a daughter: Mary Said to be Henry's only
"true love" Finally! Henry has a son:
Edward Sadly, Jane died giving
birth to Edward :( The day Anne Boelyn
was beheaded was the
day Jane was being fitted
for her wedding dress. Wife #3 Wife #4 Henry chose
her from this
painting Kind of like Renaissance
eHarmony... Anne of Cleves was
not attracted to Henry. Nor was he to her! Their marriage was
annuled and they
remained friends. She was said to be fat and ugly in person. Wife #5 Henry cheated on Anne of Cleves
with Katherine Howard She was Anne Boelyn's cousin She was only sixteen
when Henry started
to court her. She cheated on Henry
with a childhood crush. "Court" is a really old word for
"flirt with". Henry had her
beheaded. Wife #6 She became Elizabeth I's
step-mother. Catherine Parr is the only
one of Henry's wives to
out live him. Talk about a survivor! Catherine Parr's lover
became her husband. Catherine's mother, Maud Green,
was a lady-in-waiting for
Katherine of Aragon. She named her daughter
after Katherine of Aragon! Her lover, Thomas Seymour,
was Jane Seymour's brother! Elizabeth I, Henry's daughter from
Anne Boelyn, would become Thomas
Seymour's lover. This means Thomas Seymour
cheated on his wife with her ex-husband's
ex-wife's second daughter. How messed up is
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