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Math Facts

No description

Math and Magic

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Math Facts

Mathematics is not Santeria
The answers to Math Problems are not inside a Crystal Ball.
Warm Up:
The product of 2 Even Numbers is Even.
The product of 2 Odd Number is Odd
Power of Numbers
Repeating Decimals
Pythagorean Theorem
The answers lie inside your Super Brain...
Can you prove that?
1) 0,444...
2) 0,656565...
3) 0,5666666...
Zoom for Challenge!!!
True or False: 0,999999... = 1
I'm begging you
to prove me!
Time to try something a little bit more challenging!
Math Facts: The Real Deal!
Fact 1: The Imaginary Number:
i² = -1
Can you prove that the
square root of 2 is irrational?
Rational = P over Q
Prove Bhakara's Formula
Ax² + Bx + C = 0
Complete the square and
Solve for x.
Did you know we call Fibonacci as Phibonacci?.
I mean, not according to grammar, but there is a neat math fact that involves Phi and Fibonacci
There is Math in art. And Art in Math. (OLIVEIRA, T. D.)
Google is 10
Googleplex is 10
So the question is...
How many zeros does
Googleplex have?
The answer is:
Math Facts:
1) Even x Even = Even. Odd x Odd = Odd
2) Power of Numbers
3) Repeating Decimals
4) Pythagoras' Theorem
5) Imaginary Number - i
6) Why is the square root of 2 irrational?
7) Bhaskara's Formula
8) Fibonacci and Phi
9) Google and Googleplex
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