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Copy of Special Operation Combat Medic

I am Captain Unicorn. Fear me.

Captain Unicorn

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Special Operation Combat Medic


-Green Berets
-1st SFOD-D (aka CAG & ACE)
SOCM and 18 Delta
Special Forces Medical Sergeant

-18 Delta

Special Forces Medicine
Khai Dinh
Period 6
1st Response/Trauma Medical Technicians

EMT-Paramedic Level
SF Medical Sergeants
Skills and Training
Phase I
-SOCM Training

Phase II
-SFMS Training
Basic Level vs Paramedic Level

-cardiac life support
-pediatric cardiac
-civilian trauma
-12 month training course
-Geneva rulings
91 W vs 18 D
-high school graduate
-college highly recommended
-1st SFOD-D requires BA or BS degree
West Point
Naval Academy
-little medicinal experience required

-screen and evaluate personnel

-provide examination and care

-supervise care and treatment

-treat emergency and trauma

-provide medical intelligence
Rewards and Lifestyle
Total Compensation
-food allowance
-special pay
-tax advantages
-life care/insurance
-physically demanding
-mentally challenging
-high stress conditions
-social emphasis

Thank you
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