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Standardized Tests

No description

Chantalle Cloutier

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Standardized Tests

Danielle and Chantalle
Reflecting on the Instructional Sensitivity of Standardized Tests

What is the instructional sensitivity
of a test?
How many curricular aims? Can we cover all the curricular aims in the time given?
The Four evaluative dimensions:
3) Are the number of items enough to show mastery?
1) What are the underlying assumptions of using accountability tests?
a) the test scores will indicate the quality of instruction students received
b) if scores are high, instruction was good
c) if scores are low, instruction was poor
d) all of the above

How are standardized test results really used?

Noninstructional Factors
Are the targets being assessing understood clearly by the teacher?
"the degree to which students’ performance on that test accurately reflects the quality of instruction that was provided specifically to promote students' mastery of whatever is being assessed” (PopHam, p.297)
Testing the test for instructional sensitivity:
Standardized Testing Background
- What is the history of standardized testing?

- Hunger
- Sleep
- Nerves
- Absences

http://britishcolumbia.compareschoolrankings.org/pdfs Fraser_Institute_Report_Card_on_British_Columbia’s_Elementary_Schools_2013.pdf
How do you think we should change standardized tests and why?
Or do you think we should get rid of them all together and why? How would this benefit the students and teachers?

How many items per assessed curricular aim?
Are the items on the test sensitive to instructional impact?
a) SES
b) inherited academic aptitude
c) item responsiveness
"Although the big push these days is to boost students' scores on traditional, cognitively oriented achievement tests, most thoughtful educators realize that students' attitudes, interests, and values are enormously influential in determining what a student learns."(Popham, ioxassessment.com)
"All but a few of the accountability tests now having such a profound impact on our nation's schools are instructionally insensitive. That is, they are patently unsuitable for use in any sensible educational accountability program." (Popham, 2007)
- Other Factors and Alfie Kohn's perspective on standardized testing
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