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The Black Death

No description

Lucas Bonhomme

on 14 October 2017

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Transcript of The Black Death

The disastrous , mortal disease known as the Black Death or Black Plague spread across Europe in 1347 to 1353 .

It arrived by sea , when 12 Genovese trading ships arrived at the Sicilian Port of Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea.
Yersinia Pestis is a facultative anaerobic organism that can infect humans via the oriental rat flea.
It was discovered in 1894 by Alexandre Yersin , a Swiss / French physician and bactereologist from the Pasteur Institute , during an epidemic of the plague in Hong Kong.
The Plague was an epidemic of the bubonic plague , a disease caused by the bacteria : Yersinia Pestis that circulates around wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density .

The Black Death was a mix of the Bubonic Plague & the Pneunomic Plague .
The Black Death wiped off a third of Europe so they were willing to try anything to find a cure .
So as ridiculous as these may sound keep in mind that they were desperate not stupid !
1 : Holding a piece of bread to the buboes & then burying it on the ground .
2 : Killing a toad , drying it out on the sun and sticking it to the buboes !
3 : Shaving a chickens bottom and strapping it to the buboes !
1. Religion : Religion was really important to them back them and they thought God was punishing them by giving them a disease !
( Some people called flagellants walked in procession to church , whipping themselves to show how sorry they were to God ).
2. Astronomy : Some even thought that an unusual positioning of the planets was the cause .
3. Race : Even Jews were blamed for it ! They said the Jews were poisoning the water !
Day 1 : Painful swellings called buboes appeared under the victims armpits and groin.
Day 2 : The victim vomited and developed a fever.
Day 3 : Bleeding under the skin caused dark blotches all over the body.
Day 4 : The disease attacked the nervous system.This caused the victim to suffer spams and they would be in terrible pain !
Day 5 : Sometimes the buboes burt and a black disgusting liquid oozed from them. It was a quite a painful experience & the liquid contaminated whoever had any contact with it.
What was the Black Death ?
Causes & Cures ...
Symptoms & Diagnosis
The Black Death
If someone suspects you have the plague they may look for Yersinia Pestis in samples they have taken from your :
Buboes : ( Characteristic of Bubonic plague ) , a fluid sample may be taken with a needle.
Blood : Yersinia Pestis bacteria are usually present in your bloodstream if you have septicemic plague .
Lungs : To check for the pneunomic plague they will insert a thin , flexible tube through your nose and mouth and down your throat .
1. Cures / Treatment
2. Causes
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