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The Serpent's Shadow

1st book report due on october 2nd 2013

Preeti Reddy

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow
By: Rick Riordan
Genre: Historical Fiction

Sadie and Carter try to save the Texans from Apophis at the museum.
They find out why Apophis wants the book Setne wrote.
Carter and Sadie go back to Brooklyn house and figure out how to kill Apophis. They talk with their friends and Carter talks with Horus to figure out how they will capture the shadow and use it against Apophis.
They go to the dance, leaving Walt behind, and Sadie gets to talk with Anubis and finds out that they aren’t allowed to be together.
Sadie and Carter split up and Sadie goes to visit Bes and Carter goes to Thoth.
Carter see’s the fights that are going on at the nomes and how Apophis is creating Chaos to make Sadie and Carter have to fight alone.
Sadie goes to the house of rest and makes a promise to Bes that she will find his shadow and help him get back to his sane state of mind. Also she see’s Zia lose her temper and shoot fire balls at chairs because of Ra playing with her mind and reminding her about when she was trapped for many years. Sadie and Carter go to the underworld and talk to their dad about letting the murderous ghost, Setne, come with them on the mission because he is the only one who knows how to get the knowledge to find Apophis’s shadow.
Carter and Zia take Setne and go to find Apophis’ shadow.
Sadie and Walt go and try to find Bes’ shadow in the realm of Neith.
Carter and Zia find the shadow in the Apis temple and have to fight a bull to get it.
Carter finds out about Zia being the eye of Ra.
Carter and Zia travel to the land of the demons and swim through the sea of chaos.
They get betrayed by Setne and Sadie comes and saves them.
Sadie figures out how to put the shadow back into the person and Walt dies showing her.
Sadie and Carter call all the gods to come and help and Walt comes to help because he got saved by Anubis.
Sadie makes the spell and sends Apophis of into oblivion but also finding out that there always has to be a balance. When Sadie and Carter send away Apophis they also send away all of the gods.
Sadie gets reunited with Walt and Carter and Zia go on a date at the mall but they have to always keep trouble away and retain order.

Preeti Reddy
3rd period

I liked this story a lot and it related to in many different ways. It was about regular people who were just like me and had similar problems like me but had a few twists in their life. I also like this book because it shows how ordinary people can do anything they want to do if they only try. In the book Sadie and Carter have many troubles. Like losing their mom and having to be so responsible and not being like other regular people. It makes me feel like I am not the only one who has troubles in their life and it makes me feel like I have someone who I can think about as having a harder time in life than me.

The setting of the book is all over the place. Sometimes it is in places in the Duat and sometimes it is in places like Brooklyn house. Sadie and Carter find Setne at the hall of judgment in the underworld. Sadie goes to the school dance at Brooklyn academy and finds the dwarf god’s shadow in the realm of Neith. Many things also happen in the 1st nome in Egypt. An example would be when they fight the rebel magicians who try to kill Amos and take the house.
The theme of the book is that even though its hard to do good deeds, its always better to do the right thing. Sadie and Carter get persuaded a lot by Setne and Apophis to be selfish or to not do the right things but they still do what they think is right. When Carter is walking through the sea of chaos he describes the feeling of selfishness that washed over him but he does the right thing and just keeps on walking. “ The most horrible part of the journey? Part of me was tempted to give up and let Chaos draw me in. Why keep struggling? Why not end the pain and the worry?” was what Carter thought when he was walking in the land of the demons. The characters in this book show this theme over and over a gain and I think that it’s a very good rule to follow in life.

I think the main idea of the story is that there is always a good and a bad side of every person. People will trust you by the actions you made in the past and not only on what you do now. An example of this would be when Carter does not trust Set when he comes to tell Carter about what is happening with Amos. He doesn't think that Set is telling the truth because of when he tried to kill Carter in a previous story.
Sadie is a 14 year old girl who found out that she is a magician and the eye of Isis. She is very smart and has a crush on Walt and Anubis. She was raised by her Gran and Gramps and lived in a flat in England. She and her brother, Carter, work really hard to be regular kids and go to high school, run the Brooklyn house and make sure that every mortal and magician is safe from danger.
Carter is Sadie's older brother. He is very brave and courageous but he doesn't believe so. He is the eye of Horus and is also who Ra wants to be the Pharaoh and leader of the magicians and the gods. He has a secret crush on Zia Rashid but finally finds out that she likes him back. He lived with his archeologist dad and traveled all around the world with him, therefore he knows a lot about ancient egyptology and has been to a lot of museums. I think he is very interesting and I would like to meet him, that is if he were real!
Main Idea
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