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AVID National Conference 2016

No description

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of AVID National Conference 2016

Staff Buy-in
The Four Keys to Successfully Implementing AVID Strategies Schoolwide
Sharing points
Student Buy-In
College & Career Readiness Schoolwide
Thank you and we wish you great success in your journey to AVID schoolwide!
Dr. Eric Comer

Melissa Ganas
AVID National Demonstration School
North Canyon High School
North Canyon High School, Phoenix, AZ
91 teachers, 8 AVID Elective Teachers
1,812 students
351 AVID students

AVID Implemented in 2005
2005: 1 elective section and 25 kids
2016: 12 elective sections and 351 kids
Over 19.2% of our student population is in the AVID elective
Family Nights
Middle School Outreach
Goal: Infuse a college and career vision for our students throughout the school
Community Outreach
In-House Recruitment
Keeping Track of Data
Growth of the North Canyon AVID Program

2009: first graduating class of AVID seniors
Master Schedule

Send willing teachers to AVID Summer Institutes and PATH trainings
Build a core of WICOR experts on campus in each department
Re-visit strategies in department meetings and/or PD sessions
Showcase student samples and lessons to empower teachers
Create college placards for teachers and students
Bring in community members to highlight careers and talk to students
Offer opportunities for students to visit college campuses and shadow career professionals
Goal: Administration supports AVID in school policies, practices, and procedures
Introduce strategies in a "non-threatening" manner
Explain to students HOW and WHY the use of these strategies are important
Repetition of "language" of WICOR in all classrooms so it becomes "natural"
Empower students with real-world application of WICOR strategies
Goal: Students use WICOR tools/strategies in all content areas
Goal: Train teachers in AVID WICOR strategies
Administration supports AVID Elective offerings
Courses of rigor are supported through numerous offerings (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment)
Leadership team members also on AVID Site Team
Create a long-term professional development plan that incorporates AVID WICOR strategies
Start with one strategy (Cornell Notes) and then build upon those strategies in multiple years
(Critical Reading)
Allow for time and practice of strategy and hold teachers accountable for implementation
Support from Administration
Highlights of NCHS AVID Program

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