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Amanda Todd

No description

shaylyn lundgren

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Amanda Todd

By:Shaylyn&Gurpreet. Amanda Michelle Todd After that Amanda got a text saying " Get out of your school nobody likes you"
After school one day the guys girlfriend and 15 others came to get Amanda .
The girl punched Amanda 7 times and beat her up even more. She was left in the ditch until her dad came and got her.when she got home she drank bleach she was sent to the hospital and they flushed out Amanda. Amanda was born in British Columbia on November 27th ,1996. The man asked her to put on a show for him and if she didn't he would send the picture to all the people she knew. Amanda did not put on a show for him . The police came to her house at 4 am to tell her that he sent the picture to everyone. Amanda started talking a old guy friend . He told her that he liked her and that she was pretty . He told her to come over. so she went over and he slept with her. The Story About Amanda Todd! Amanda had a few hobbies... Amanda's hobbies were singing and cheer leading. In the 7th grade Amanda was on a web cam chat to talk and to meet new people. A 32 year old man called her beautiful and stunning. He asked her to send a picture of herself topless... she did.! she lost all her friends and respect. she went into depression .
she got bullied everyday at school. people judged her.
Amanda moved schools she got into drugs and alcohol. The man got the list of he new friends and sent the picture . And she started to cut herself. Amanda moved schools by her moms house. Everything was going great until the guy got the list of her friends and he sent the picture to everyone. Amanda had a depression disorder .

six months later people were posting pictures of bleach , ditches on facebook. she overdosed on pills and was in the hospital for two days. 15 year old Amanda Todd hung herself less than a month before her 16th birthday. (October 10th, 2012)
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