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Jerry Spinelli

A short overview of Jerry Spinelli's life and accomplishments.

Abbie Ziemba

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli Jerry Spinelli was born February 1, 1941.

He was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

His parents are Louis Anthony and Lorna Mae Spinelli.

He has one younger brother named Bill. Birth and Family High School and College He is currently married to Eileen Spinelli
They married on May 21st, 1977
They had 6 kids:
Kevin, Jeffrey, Sean, Ben, Barbara, & Molly Marriage His Golden Rule: "Write about what you care about."
He writes about his life and also his kids' lives as they had grown up
His first four novels were ignored by publishers because they were adult books
When his first children's novel was written, they say it instantly became a number one book, they also say he was an "accidental" children's author. Early Writing Gavelock, E. (2009). Jerry spinelli. Retrieved from http://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/palitmap/bios/Spinelli__Jerry.html

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First realized he wanted to be a writer in high school
He had his first published poem in a local newspaper
Attended college for writing, at Gettysburg College
Received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1963.
Went on to receive his Master of Arts degree from John Hopkins University, studying creative writing.
Then he went on to serve 6 months on active duty with the U.S. Naval Air Reserves Spinelli says all of his books take longer or shorter to write, it all depends on the demands of life and his family
He does not like to classify himself as a "writer" because he also does many other activities
It took 25 years for his 1st book to be published
His first book was, Space Station Seventh Grade, published in 1982 Career Resides in Phoenixville, PA with his wife
He has 6 children & 16 grandchildren
His office where he writes is in his garage
Spinelli has written a total of 26 books
Works with his wife, revising each other's work
"It's seldom a day when I feel like writing" Current Years He attended Hartranft Elementary School in Norristown, PA
His childhood was full of sports, races, bikes, girls and comics.
In second grade he dressed up as a cowboy when it wasn't Halloween and even sang a little song to the class.
Eventually he dreamed of becoming a Major League baseball player. Elementary Years Maniac Magee
1990 Boston Globe-Horn Book
1990 Best Books for Young Adults
1990 Children's Editors' Choices
1991 Notable Children's Books
1993 Parents' Choice
1993 PA Young Readers Choice Awards Awards Maniac MaGee-2003 Movie
Eggs- 2007 Play
Stargirl, Wringer, & Milkweed- Movies that are currently in the process of being made Writing Milestones Recommended Websites www.jerryspinelli.com
This website is Jerry Spinell's official website. It provides a list of all his books and there is a summary written about each of them. There are also frequently asked questions that he has answered, a link to contact Jerry himself, and a schedule of upcoming events he plans to participate in.
This website provides a lot of information about Jerry Spinelli. It has a detailed biography about his life. It talks about his birth, youth, high school and marriage. It also talks about some of his books and the inspiration behind why he wrote them. Also, the website tells of the various awards he has won in the past and how he spends his time to this day.
This website starts off by telling about Spinelli's childhood. From there it moves on to where he gets his inspiration for his books. He talks about his wife and children and how they have been huge help in getting ideas for his books. At the end of the website it has a link to an interview with Spinelli that answers many questions regarding his work. www.credoreference.com
The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English
This journal gives a brief description of several subjects including a list of awards presented to Spinelli, this article also paints a picture of excitement for the author's style of writing and his inspiration behind some of his novels.
In Continuum Encyclopedia of Children's Literature
This journal article goes into detail about the inspiration for his novels. This helps us have a greater appreciation for his writing since there is a great deal of meaning behind his words. Recommended Journals Works Cited
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