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Harold Washington College

No description

jacqueline perez

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Harold Washington College

Basic Information
Harold Washington College
Location: 30 E Lake St
It is a City college of Chicago!
The student to faculty ratio is 37:1
Popular programs include:
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences, and Personal and Culinary Services.
Criteria #1. Close to home
Criteria #2. Interesting clubs/programs I would like to be a part of
Criteria #3. Affordable
Financial Aid
Tuition: $1,752.00
According to FAFSA my EFC is $0
I applied to One million degrees which would help
I am also planning on getting a job for some extra cash
Support Programs
Bottom Line
One million Degrees
Harold Vs NLU
Harold: $1,752.00
NLU:$9,990.00 per year
Did they have Psychology as a major?
Harold: Yes
NLU: Yes
Close to home?
Harold: Yes
NLU: Yes

I am happy going to college. It wasn't where I was expecting to go, but if there is one thing I learned senior year was to expect the unexpected.

No matter where we end up, if it was the school of our dreams or not, we can still strive.
The End!
Harold Washington College
Jackie Perez
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