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crystal sanabria

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of PHAETHON

The story of Phaethon fulfills all three purposes of a Greek myth:
Natural Phenomena
Apollo the God of the Sun is joyous to meet his son. Phaeton wants proof just to prove to his friend of his dads awesomeness...

The story explains how careless and foolish decisions can lead to disasters and tragedies.
A Classical Greek Myth
This story entertains because of all the action and drama.
The moral lesson that is taught in this story is about arrogant behavior and to make wise decisions.
It is believed that the disaster's that Phaethon caused on the chariot is what causes volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, forests, deserts, & etc.
The story explains that once Phaethon found out that his father is Apollo he became very arrogant. Even Zeus the most powerful God could not ride the chariot because it is to powerful for him (let alone a human) or any God besides Apollo.
Zeus sees that Phaethon is destroying Earth, so he quickly throws his thunderbolt at Phaethon, killing him.
An Enternaining Myth
This myth is a very artistic and entertaining way of teaching moral lessons.
The story of Phaethon teaches us how being careless and foolish can lead to big mistakes. I also believe the moral lesson in the story is to not get drawn into hubris. It has warned us to not make the same mistakes and to make wiser decisions. Phaethon is the best greek myth to learn from.
The End...
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