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Intro to Google Drive Students

Use with students for overview of Google Drive

Karen Galvin

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Google Drive Students

Google Drive Introduction
What is Google Apps for Education?
Google Apps for Education provides students a web-based suite of software, access to class work and allows for collaborative sharing.
Why use Google Drive?
Software is free for you to use.
Your work is saved on the internet.
Access your work anywhere you have internet access.
Gigabytes of storage

Great, but how does it work?
Google Drive stores your files online, and with the sync tool, makes them available on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.
Why Google Drive?
Office Documents vs Google Documents
You can view any Microsoft Office document online with Google Drive, but to edit the document, you'll need to convert it to a Google Document (and Google Docs can be saved as a Word or .pdf file.
Files created on you PC
Google Drive goes one step further, and allows you to not only
your files online, but create documents, presentations, forms, and spreadsheets
Your file
Software is included
Share files with uacademy
Google Apps for Ed
Start your work at school & continue
at home, library - anywhere with
internet access.

Google Drive includes software for:
word processing
Always the same version
Share your work with your teacher or
collaborate with group for projects
Approved applications to challenge and
assist students with their school work.
Keep these!
No need to throw away your work!
When creating new files, create Google Documents when possible to make them more accessible
How do I log in?
Open Chrome Browser
Sign in to you Google Account
Agreement Statement
That's the big picture view on Google Drive
There are tons of great features and tools that you'll discover
It's built to help you share with others
What Guidelines do students need to follow?
Technology Use Policy
Classroom Rules Apply
Electronic Files
word processor
Login firstnamelastname@uacademy.org

• Password: Password1
(after login change password)
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