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The Merchant of Venice

No description

Sierra Fox

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice
Religious Bigotry

Merchant of Venice:
The Jews (shylock) suffer bigotry and other forms of mistreatment because of their religion and race, that is a very big social issure throughout the book
21st Century
9/11 generated religious bigotry in todays society. They cashed in on the fact that the terrorist were Muslim and made the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists. Just like in the Merchant of Venice with the Jews, the Muslims also suffered mistreatment in society.
The Merchant of Venice:
Antonio lends money free of interest and puts himself and others at risk for the people they truly love, whereas Shylock agonizes over the loss. They make sacrifices to save someone, like when Portia goes to trial for Antonio to save Bassanio
21st Century:
Someone giving their kidney to a person in need of one is an example of love that we have in America today that was also shown back in the times of the Merchant of Venice. It is love because they are sacrificing something of themselves to give to someone else
Wealth and Power
The Renaissance era revolved around money. The one with the most power was always the wealthier person. Shylock shows that money can cause problems when he becomes greedy and dominant over the less fortunate, and the law is on his side because of his social status.
In today's world the ones who make enough to be on tv or social media are the ones with the most power. Just like in the Renaissance era, they get special treatment because of their money, they can commit crimes and not have to face the consequences someone without that power would; that shows that their power comes from money and social status.
Shylock continuously gets put down by the Christians. They spit on him, steal his business, servant, and daughter. The Prince of Morocco showed that discrimination was an issue when he says he has "devil skin" because of his skin color.
We still have some individuals today that discriminate a certain race or religion. They are raised by their families not to like people because of how they look or where they're from. That shows that we still have discrimination.
Are the social issues of the Merchant of Venice still relevant in todays society?
Yes, because we still have to battle and deal with discrimination, religious bigotry, and many other things the people in the Renaissance era had to
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