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Science Cell Organelles Analogy Project


Edward Ma

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Science Cell Organelles Analogy Project

The command center of the spaceship is similar to the nucleus of a cell. It commands everything in the spaceship like how a nucleus controls what happens in a cell. Nucleus Mitochondria Mitochondria are the energy producers of the cell like the energy generators of the ship. However, Mitochondria uses sugar and oxygen, the generators uses fuel. In this presentation we are comparing a Plant Cell to a mining spaceship built in Minecraft.
Please watch in full screen. Cell Analogy Presentation lysosomes Lysosomes recycle worn out organelles. the room pictured is a place where things that are too broken get sent to get taken apart by mechanics and the parts are melted down. Lysosomes and the room have similar functions. Ribosomes Ribosomes make all the protein. they are the building blocks of most cell parts. The room shown is similar in that it is where ores and stone mined are sent to get processed and made into literal building blocks for making ship parts and other important things. Golgi Body and Vesicle Endoplasmic Reticulum The Endoplasmic Reticulum acts as a channel for protein and as a warehouse for a lot of Ribosomes. The room that is similar to the organelle is the manufacturing sector of the spaceship. It holds all the manufacturing rooms that are similar to Ribosomes. The part of the ship that is similar to the Golgi Body is the packing room. The organelle and the room both pack different things though the things they pack are used as building blocks. The Golgi Body makes Vesicles out of it self but the packing room does not, it uses storage containers instead. the storage containers are the closest thing to a Vesicle on the spaceship. Step 1: the pusher moves the blocks off the cart onto the train cart Step 2: the right wall of the container gets attached Step 3: the left wall gets attached Step 3: the top of the container is attached Step 5: now the front and back walls get attached. Half of the command center The big array of screen at the front of the room Nucleus Mitochondria Control panels and fuel though the glass A view of the entire room The top of the generator View of the entire room* The main furnace The desks,shelves and other equipment *yes there is a bed. The floor is uncomfortable to lay down on. A view of the entire room conveyor belts with ore and stone to be processed The smelter and the finished products Endoplasmic Reticulum A view of the room A cart carrying blocks around Blocks are being loaded onto the cart A view of the room and it's equipment Vacuole The water tanks are the Vacuoles of the ship, they hold large amounts of water temporarily. though they do not hold waste. Water tanks A view of the room Cytoplasm,Cell membrane and Cell Wall Golgi Body and Vesicles Solar Panels The hull of the ship A view from the inside of the ship The Cytoplasm of the ship are the solar panels. the functions are exactly the same only the solar panels do not need nutrients or water to gain energy from the sun or a star.
The Cell Membrane and the Cell Walls functions are combined in the hull of the ship. It gives structure, protection, and controls what or who goes in or out. Thank you for watching this presentation. Pac-Man every other slide shows all the rooms without the texture pack
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