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Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Social Studies

Application of Bloom's Questions in Social Studies

Ashley Pitre

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Social Studies

How to Use Bloom's Taxonomy in a Social Studies Lesson Applying Bloom's Knowledge Step Applying Bloom's Comprehension Step Applying Bloom's Application Step Applying Bloom's Analysis Step * Have students memorize important names, dates
and facts.
Ex 1: Canada's provinces, territories and regions then have students memorize

Ex 2: Early Civilization or Medieval Times have them memorize
important dates and names.

Objective verbs: Identify, name, recite, locate... * Have students summarize events that happen
around a specific event, date.

Ex 1: First Nations and European Explores have students summarize some of the conflicts that have arisen between them.
Ex 2: Traditions and Celebrations have them summarize what we do at Eid time and why
we celebrate it.

Objective Verbs: Give examples, illustrate
summarize, explain...etc. * Have students classify facts surrounding social studies
topics and separate into categories. Have them use their
knowledge in a new situation.

Ex 1: Urban and Rural Communities, have students categorize things into these two categories.
Ex 2: Migration have students think of reasons that
could make a group of people migrate.

Objective verbs: Organize, produce, sketch,
dramatize, paint, choose....etc. * Have students construct a timeline or cause and effect chart that connects each event or fact to another.
Ex 1: First Nations let them do a timeline of before, during and after European colonization.
Ex 2: New France (Quebec) they can make a timeline that connects past events with current issues.
Objective verbs: Categorize, compare,
infer, survey, distinguish... Applying Bloom's Synthesis Step * Have your students create a reproduction
in a diorama, map, or a short group video.
Ex 1: The Local Community, have students
design or make a map of their
ideal local community.
Ex 2: Economic Systems, have students create an art piece based on boom and bust economic cycle.
Objective Verbs: Create, design, invent,
plan, make up, develop...etc. Applying Bloom's Evaluation Step * Have students write a journal
reflection about what they think is
most important, or debate 2 sides of
Ex 1:Aspects of Citizenship and Government
in Canada you could ask students if
to criticize or defend the Charter and
compare it to rights in other countries.

Objective verbs: Criticize, defend,
compare, judge...etc.
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