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Healing Environment

Presentation by Pleun, Joris and Guido

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Healing Environment

Healing Environment Higher Purpose Healing Environment 'works' for everyone

in what do we stand out
added value Research To what extend and in what way does Healing Environment contribute on strategic Facility Management? Bold Goal Within one year various elements of Healing Environment integrated in HNW ('Alternative Workplace Strategies' ) Core Strenghts Accelerate healing process
Reduce medicine usage
create a safe haven
reduce absenteeism (illness, stress, burn-out...) Core Values The built environment contributes to the physical, mental and social well-being of users. Conclusion mostly in healthcare
research since 1984
effect of looking at nature (photos) is proven Practical Tips Focus on user needs
Don't just visualize
Improve indoor climate

Sponsors and partnership
Tailored solutions OUR VISION Content Pleun Koster
Joris van Loveren
Guido van Rijnsbergen

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Duration approximately 20 minutes Research
Vision Model
Share our Vision
Practical Tips
Questions please @ end of presentation Questions? Thank you for your patients Healing Environment Method:
literature research
field research Topics:
what is...?
pros and cons
(future) trends
contribution to society 1. results are difficult to measure
2. investment costs (existing or new built)
3. usability of full concept in office culture Dilemmas Healing Environment 'works' for everyone Thank you for your patience and attention
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