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Book Report

No description

Ashley Johnson

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover



Joe Solomon
Joe Solomon
Rising Action
Falling Action
About The Author
Favorite Part
Critics Corner
Cammie is one of the main caracters who
tries to her friend Macey safe .
Macey is one of the main charcaters
who almost gets kidnapped by the
Circle of Cavan and is Cammie's roommate.
Rebecca is known as Bex . Bex is one of
Cammie's best friends and roommate and helps keep Macey safe.
Elizabeth is known as liz se is also one of Cammie's
best friends and roommate she also has to keep
Macey safe.

My fav part is when after Cammie and Macey fight the men on the rooftop and are recovering at Mr. Solomons safe cabin and Macey is out out on the dock and Cammie joins her and they're just looking upon the still, quiet lake

Ally Carter was born and raised in Oklahoma. Her mother was a teacher and Her father a farmer and rancher. She has one older sister. In high school, She was very active in a number of student organizations and graduated as co-valedictorian of her senior class. she then attended Oklahoma State University and Cornell University and worked for several years in the agricultural industry before writing full-time. Her first novel, Cheating at Solitaire (Berkley) was published in 2005. The following year she published the sequel to Solitaire, Learning to Play Gin.

List of some books Ally Carter has published:
Love You Kill You (as we call it) was followed by Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (October 2007), Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover (June 2009), Only the Good Spy Young (June 2010), Out of Sight, Out of Time (March 2012). United We Spy (September 2013) is the sixth–and final–Gallagher Girls novel.

How they met: Cammie, Macey, Bex and Liz
all met when they all first started at the Gallagher Academy
I would recommend this book to girls who likes action and who likes to read about spies. For rating I'd probably give the book a 8/10 because they could have put a little more detailing in some parts of the book. But I still liked the book.

Joe Solomon is the grils spy teacher
and one of the head spies
The rising action is when Cammie
Macey, and Preston go up the level R
in the hotel for a"Promotional Video''. It was really a kidnapping attempt the failed because Cammie got Macey away from the kidnappers, they got hurt, but got away.

The final out come with Cammie is that she goes back to the academy and starts
the next semester
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