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The Evolution of teaching

Jamie Reynolds

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Think

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Evolution of Teaching!!! Take pride in your community! Let your students know that you support them! Enjoy your job as much as you students enjoy you! The easiest way is not always the best way! Learning to teach is easy when you love to teach! I'll just read the book, so that I know the information. Discussing concerns with colleagues
Why do they expect me to attend after school activites?
I want to complete my internship and get out of here! I wish I would have had gotten involved sooner. These kids complain a lot! Maybe I could do things differently Part of learning to be a good teacher, is being an even better listener!
No more margaritas on Tuesday? Are you serious?! I can't wait to have classes on campus, so I can sleep in!

Listen to your students complaints, they may be legite!

Don't sweat the little things; when things go wrong, fix them for the next hour!
You are on stage at all times, you need to be ready to perform each and everyday!
The show must go on!

Don't be anyone other than yourself!
You can't be an effective teacher if you are too busy being someone else!
It's eight o'clock already?! Teaching is like fishing, if you do not catch your students attention, it is going to be a boring day!
Research your students, you don't give a report without prior knowledge! Staff members are the best resource. Working as a team! Meet my students!!!
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