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Emily Bedell

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Emily, Everette, Frank, and Sam Chapter 5 Billy Pilgrim -Lost and Trapped
-Giraffe dream
-Tralfamadorian zoo
-Mental ward (self-imposed)
-His home/with his posessions
-"Where had he come from and where should he go now?"(124).
-"So they were trying to reinvent themselves and their universe" (101). Humans like "great millipedes" (87).
Stars look like "luminous spaghetti"(87).
Dialogue on page 88 - Relationship with messages
"Books were clumps of symbols separated by stars" (88).
"They couldn't imagine what time looked like to him" (114). Billy couldn't explain time to them.
"But the subject [...] He was being stupid" (116).
They know how the universe ends, but they respond "the moment is structured that way" (117).
Lack of free will - Humans only believe in free will
Tralfamadorian Point of View Buying Billy's furniture from Sears (112).
"Valley of the Dolls" by Jacquelline Susan (87).
"The Red Badge of Courage" (99).
"The Brothers Karamazov" (101).
Children's Crusade (106) comments on how soldiers of both WWII and Vietnam were still just kids
Study of Christianity (108-110)
Society's pollution of the Gospel (50's impact)
"Gay Nineties couple" (113).
Howard W. Campbell, Jr's descriptions of Americans Allusions and Cultural Mentions Grand Canyon - Page 89
Carlsbad Caverns - Page 90
Thrown into pool - Page 100
Laughing at Cinderella Play - he is a child (98).
Billy's coat (90) he is made fun of by Germans and by the Englishmen
"[Billy] always covered his head when his mother came to see him in the mental ward" (102) Billy's Childhood and War Death German's treatment of English vs. Russian and American
"Vy you? Vy anybody" (91).
Water being dead - "So it goes" (101).
Tombstone (122) Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. Postmodern Elements Paranoia: Billy's life is full of paranoia - YMCA pool incident, Grand Canyon memory
Intertextuality: Vonnegut alludes to many books, phrases, and "norms" of the era in which SH5 is written; also, he plays on the perception of religion during the fifties/sixties (109)
Temporal Distortion: time "jumping" continues through this chapter
Black Humor: used to show how sick and wrong the war was
Techno culture: Sears furniture (also humor/social commentary)
Faction: Both Lazarro and Darby are based off of real people; Vonnegut also participates as if Billy was a part of his time spent during the war
Untrustworthy Authority: Billy's mother and father are very loving and caring Irony and Dark Humor British POW's attitude
"Please leave this latrine as tidy as you found it!" (125).
Scarecrow - Page 124
Lazzaro - page 92
Billy and Valencia's marriage - based off of connections
The gospel is mocked/reevaluated - connections
"That's the attractive thing about war [...] absolutely everybody gets a little something" (111).
Light is provided by candles; wax comes from melted bodies (96) Style Vonnegut reveals Derby's fate..."Doomed Derby" (92)
Vonnegut comments "That was me" (95).
"No particular relationship..."(88).
Choppy sentences with little variation indicate chaos in Billy's life and the childishness (lack of development) in his thoughts
Vonnegut tends to use a lot of interesting similes
Describing how the people look from Tralfamadorian POV
Rosewater looked "as though he might be made out of nose putty" (102)
Contrasts between two extremes
"And on and on it went--that duet between the dumb, praying lady and the big, hollow man who was so full of loving echoes" (103)
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