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Exchange Program - Science Without Borders

Emylin Sousa

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Emylin

My Wonderful Journey
in the

Emylin Paula Freire Sousa
- member of the University of Wisconsin System

- second largest university in Wisconsin

- focused on research

- 14 schools and colleges
offers a total of 181 degree programs, including 94 bachelor's, 53 master's and 33 doctorate degrees

Campus and facilities
English as Second Language
8 weeks
pre academic
once a week: outside class (baseball game, old town, museum...)
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences - Computer Science degree
Natural Language Processing
Computational Models of Decision Making
Computer Graphics
Web Application Development
Building Mobile Apps
Human Computer Interaction
Introduction to Business
Fall and Spring Term
September/2013 to May/2014
Lecture shock!!!
"Promote Brazilian Cultural and Educational awareness, and promote activities and entertainment to the UWM community"
NAMIC - National Alliance for
Medical Image Computing
Summer Internship
May to August/2014
Harvard Medical School
Department of Radiology
Surgical Planning Lab
Image registration as surgical follow-up tool in epilepsy: MRI registration from patients with refractory epilepsy in 3D Slicer as surgical planning follow-up
Thank you!
“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
Ellen Johnson
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