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The Air Cargo Industry

No description

vincent quartararo

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The Air Cargo Industry

9 classes of dangerous goods
1. Explosives
2. Gases
3. Flammable Liquids
4. Flammable Solids
5. Oxidizing Substances
6. Toxic & Infectious Substances
7. Radioactive Material
8. Corrosives
9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

History of Air Cargo
In the year 1910 Glenn Curtiss used an aircraft for Air Mail transportation from Albany to New York City

This was the birth of the Industry of Air cargo.

Around the 1920s was when aircraft were being manufactured specifically for air cargo
In 1927 only 45,859 lbs of freight was shipped by air.

Just four years later in 1929 that number grew to over 1 million lbs showing that the Air Cargo Industry was a growing market
History of Air Cargo Continued
World War ll
The use of air cargo transportation in World War 2 helped the United States by shipping guns, ammunition, supplies, and soldiers overseas
Today cargo airlines such as Fed-ex, UPS, and DHL are the largest cargo carriers

Together they ship millions of tons of freight to places all over the globe
Air Cargo today
Post World War
After the war airlines such as General Air Express and United created private cargo airlines that shipped freight all over the world
Air Cargo Hubs
Air Cargo "Hubs" are where air cargo airlines do there on and off loading from their aircraft to their trucks for shipment.

These are large facilities that have miles of conveyor belts that bring packages from the aircraft to the exact vesicle to go out for delivery

Fed-ex's main hub in Memphis runs 24/7 365 and process over 500,000 package parcels per hour
Unit Load Device (ULD)
Air cargo airlines use Unit Load Devices which are containers used to protect the packages as well as group packages together that might be going to the same destination
Most cargo aircraft have rollers on the floor that allow a thousand pound ULD to be moved by hand
Usage of Air Cargo by regions



Millions of Tons
FedEx Express

UPS Airlines


Emirates Sky Cargo

Cathay Pacific Cargo

Korean Air Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo

Singapore Airlines Cargo


Qatar Airways Cargo

China Airlines Cargo

This chart displays the top 10 cargo airlines that shipped the most freight last year
Top cargo airlines raked

Dangerous goods are goods that air cargo airlines ship that could be a danger to the aircraft or humans. This consists of explosives, hazardous chemicals, flammable liquids and many more items
Dangerous Goods
The cargo airlines must handle these items with extreme care and it is also mandatory to have them labeled with the exact class of dangerous good
Benefits of Air Cargo
Faster Delivery
Foods and perishable goods can be transported before spoiling
Less chance of damage or theft compared to other types of shipment
More direct to freight's final destination
Aircraft were not just being used as fighters in WWll. The United states were also using cargo aircraft
Types of Dangerous Goods
What we ship today

Overnight Express
Used for mail, packages, perishable goods such as meats, fruits, and vegetables

Air Freight
Used for cargo such as supplies, machinery parts, or vehicles

All Cargo types

aircraft are aircraft carrying cargo and passengers.
About 60% of all air cargo is shipped by passenger cargo aircraft throughout the world Airlines will rent out space below the passenger deck.
Singapore Airlines Cargo
Korean Air Cargo
are aircraft that are carrying just cargo and have more room than a combi aircraft. An all-cargo Boeing 747-400 is able to carry 273,000 pounds of cargo, approximately five semi-trucks worth.
Atlas Air Cargo
Polar Air Cargo
Air Cargo Competition

Semi Trailer truck
Maximum weight 80,000lb
30% of US cargo Market
Cargo ships
Can carry over 16,020 containers
12% of US cargo Market
Carriers transport cargo the entire way through aircraft and truck services.
Rail Freight
140,000 miles of rail in US
40% of US cargo market
US Air Cargo Market
International Air Cargo Market
Cargo Competition
This chart shows the competition that the air cargo industry faces. This shows the length of freight moved by weight
The Air Cargo Industry
BSAB 415 Airline Management
By: Vincent Quartararo
Air Cargo Projected Growth
The air cargo industry is projected to grow 5.9% per year to the year 2027

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The United states imports an average of $2.2 trillion worth of goods per year
Overnight Express
Frederick W Smith, the founder of Federal Express,(FedEx) came up with the idea of over overnight air express. This means door to door delivery of small packages in less than 24 hours. This idea changed the air cargo industry forever
The air cargo industry has come a long way in just over 100 years. It continues to supply people around the world with packages and goods. It is a growing market that is projected to grow over the next couple years. It helps to grow global economy and hopefully will for years to come
Air Cargo Industry
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