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Natural Gas Prezi

No description

Keeters Pub

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Natural Gas Prezi

Natural Gas... Natural gas is a nonrenewable
resource. Natural gas generates power
by being burned. This burning
causes water to boil. The steam
from the water turns a
generator. This creates electricity. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. All fossil fuels come from 400 million year-old corpses or fossils. These fossils rot and compress over time, forming... first:
coal... Second: oil... and finally:
natural gas. Some of this energy form's advantages are: It has less sulfer, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen than coal and oil... Coal produces twice the amount of Co2 that natural gas
does and petroleum (oil) produces about 1.9 times the amount! Natural gas leaves no ash or other solids behind when burned! And yet, electricity is generated efficiantly! In fact, natural gas is one of the most demanded energy sources. 95% of the world requires fossil fuels and 20% of that 95% is natural gas while the other 75% is coal and petroleum. Natural gas is also really easy to ship! All you have to do is super freeze it. This is pretty easy for the processing plants... When you super freeze natural gas, it forms a cool liquid called... LNG (liquified natural gas) LNG can be put in a storage tank and easily shipped elsewhere! Pretty awsome, right? And there's more! And there's more! Power stations can be set up almost anywhere, as long as there's enough fuel! But sadly...
There are some disadvantages
from this great source of energy... :( :( Even though natural gas produces less than coal or oil, it still gives off carbon dioxide, which can't be breathed and is hard on the environment. Natural gas's base is methane... Methane is dangerous and can leak out. But the worst part is that its intensity is 4 TIMES the intensity of CO2!!!
That's bad!! On a happier note... Here are natural gas's uses: 60 million homes all over the world use natural gas. It is also used in restaurants (78%), lodging facilities (73%), hospitals (51%), offices (59%), and retail buildings (58%). It controls the temperature for most rooms you go to (work, home, etc.). And a little fun fact: Natrual gas has no color, no smell, and almost no taste... Wondering why it smells like rotten eggs? Natural gas is mixed with different chemicals called mercaptans that will easily catch your nose. See? We should all use natural gas. It's great! That's all folks!
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