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Bella Baldwin

No description

maryann carroll

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Bella Baldwin

Types of mood
You can be in a good mood such as happy, in love, or exited. You can be in a bad mood such as angry, sad, unhappy, bored, or sick.
How music affects our mood video?
What music does for you.
Types of music
There is rock , pop, classic, folk, country, holiday, punk, and jazz and many more.
What is mood?
(especially of music) inducing or suggestive of a particular feeling or state of mind
What is music?
Music is a vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
How does music affect your mood?
There are thousands of types of music that people are drawn to because of the sound it makes. If people don't like the sound then they can't like that type of music according to my research.
Music is an enhancement for your brain. It keeps you healthy.Upbeat music gives you a major energy boost. Lots of different things can soothe or relax you and your mind. Like soft music makes you calm and loud music makes you hyper. After surgery doctors use music to reduce the pain.People use music to help cure cancer. Playing calm music helps you focus while doing school work. Music can calm down hyper children. It can even increase energy in the body’s immune system.
Music can make our moods get better and it can help us remember information.

made by Bella
Examples of music
hello everybody
Thank you for watching my prezi on music and mood.
made by Bella
Bye- Bye
How music affects your mood?
The song you listen to gives sound waves that go into your head and some of the tunes stay in your head and become a part of your brain until a new beat takes over the space where the old tune was.
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