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the American Dream in Moon Palace

passages from the book where the American Dream plays a role

Fine Ku

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of the American Dream in Moon Palace

the American Dream EVERYBODY
can start out with nothing and gain everything
can succeed through hard work
can have a happy and fulfilled life from rags to riches NO MATTER
what social class they belong to
where they were born FREEDOM OF
pursuing one's dreams History people's religion wasn't tolerated in their old countries
too much political influence
1620 the Puritans immigrated to the U.S.
"going west" hope for a better life the American Dream in Moon Palace "A giant bird flying across the ocean, not stopping until it reached America" (p. 9 ll. 65 f.) "Every man is the author of his own life." (p. 13 l. 59) Marco loses his apartment, his money, his girlfriend coincidences
i.e. Effing finds an enormous amount of money Ellis Island
many Immigrants to the U.S. from 1892 to 1945 Kitty (Chinese)
Pavel Shum (Russian) Effing is going back to America (New York)
(p. 148) Effing travels west (p. 151 ff.)
Marco travels west (p. 301 ff.) last name originally Fogelmann
Ellis Island - Fog
Marco's ancestors immigrated to the U.S.
(p. 9 ll. 53 ff.) Vietnam War 1955 - 1975 FULFILLED DESTROYED The American Dream and Moon Palace passages from the book where "the American Dream" plays a role Paul Auster about the American Dream "There's no question that the American dream has a dark side. The American dream is about several things all at once. It's about freedom, the idea of everyone being equal under the law. But, the American dream is also about money and the freedom to make as much money as one can. And I think that any society which is so completely overwhelmed by the notion of dollars is going to run into contradictions." fulfilled and destroyed at the same time

Auster mentions both sides

wants the reader to form an own opinion Sources http://www.lmg.pf.bw.schule.de/

John Winthrop "A City upon a Hill"
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