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Killer Apps - UC 2012

HTML5 and Flex

Sajit Thomas

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Killer Apps - UC 2012

Sajit Thomas Solution Architect
Esri Professional Services
@mraad Mansour Raad UX Architect
Esri Corporate Sales
@SpatialAgent Sajit Thomas Mansour Raad @SpatialAgent @mraad proof of concepts no warranty people on heart, blood-pressure medication or at risk due to exposure to excitement should attend a Silverlight session elsewhere designed to stimulate ideas source code will be available when possible What the Flex? Battle of the Flexes: Flex vs HTML5 Silverlight Breaking Down the saga Cyco navigating a world full of crazy drivers SCREAM the newest paradigm of loud computing JAWS our arc is worse than our bite TERMINATOR man against the machine ArcNoose headlines that will take your breath away evaluations Flex HTML5 Hello World Introducing Flex to the GIS Community Flasher Flex and GIS - a flash of genius Flex Sells Love at first site HTML5 The competition Plugin Free Browser based richness Web Storage The ability to put junk in the trunk Canvas Immediate mode bitmap manipulation Web Workers Outsourcing work from the web page Geolocation Knowing where your user is CSS3 Changing the way you see HTML Flexing it Leaner components to rekindle the spark One Code Targeting iOS, Android and other platforms from one code base Native Extensions Accessing device specific functionality ThreeNup love is the answer Top Secret Scientific Documents Never before seen IBM secrets Cyco: Terminator: Do-It-Yourself Instructions Scream: Sensored Information ArcNoose: sharcGIS Jaws: Till debt do us part Rules of Engagement:
When to use Flex vs. HTML5? SAW surviving in a disconnected world Jurrasic Arc the tiny problem of humongous data all characters are fictional and any resemblance to programmers living or dead is purely coincidental Esri International User Conference | 2012 Psycho Mind blowing mind maps Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Mapping different sides of Twitter sentiments refund leap of faith you are all killers http://Esri.com/UCSessionSurveys Living La Vida Local Buy Local | Eat Local | Enjoy Local #671 Dad 1926 - 2012
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