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Was Andrew Carnegie a hero?

No description

Westin Namanny

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Was Andrew Carnegie a hero?

Was Andrew Carnegie a hero?
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
Document 4
Document 5
Document 6
Document 7
Document 8
Document 10
Document 9
The reason we chose Doc 1 as a hero article is because he started from being super poor to being a millionnaire over the course of about 30 years. This shows that anyone is able to come from being poor to a very rich person.
We chose Document 2 as not a hero because he believes in the "survival of the fittest" which means that only the best will survive/be accomplished in the world.
The reason we chose Doc 3 as a hero is because he believes that someone should know how much they earn. Also, if he told me that "I would get out of it" to the business im in, and he is a millionaire, I would listen.
We chose Document 4 as a hero because his iron production cost to sale is going down. The reason this is good is because the price-per-ton is less making the iron cheaper to the consumer.
We chose this as a non hero because he owned a huge chunk of the industry in the north in the steel industry. He owned a boat,mine, and the steel company, making it non-profitable to any other boat company, etc, wanting to transport the goods. He got all of the profit and barely gave any to others.
We chose this as a non hero because he was not paying the workers in his steel mill as much as he could. There was also terrible conditions for the workers like the molton iron buckets that had history of falling on workers.
This Document shows him as a hero because he talks about how to give money away the right way, instead of giving it all to your child when you die, and having them be super rich without actually working for their money.
Andrew is a hero in this because he gives a lot of money away to different causes. He gave away $350,695,653 in total to a lot of people/company for multiple good causes.
We chose Doc 7 as non hero because it shows how much the workers are payed in other jobs and it shows that the steel company pays the lowest in total. They get around $1.40 a day, which is about 40 cents below the highest paid amount.
The reason that this document is placed under not a hero is because the picture shows him as two faced. On one side he is reducing pay for his workers, and the other person is giving away money and building curches for other people.
Not a hero
A hero
Business Practices
Relationship With Employees
Not a hero
A hero
A hero
Not a hero
We think that he is not a hero because he was to controlling of his money and didn't pay his own workers what they deserved to be payed. But even though he had some good times that will still not compare to the damage he did to others.
By: Westin, Logan, And Clark
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