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Indian Literature

No description

Jovic Beltran

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Indian Literature

Indian Literature
Indian Drama
First Characteristic
based on piety
Second Characteristic
literary masterpieces correspond to great epochs
Detail 3
Earliest known literature of India is a collection of traditions handed down by word of mouth
civilization is older than that of ancient Greek and Romans
philosophy and religion influenced East and West
origin of the theater in India is lost in antiquity
300 B. C. - India produced a considerable body of literature
means cultivated or perfected
civilization affected language and culture of many countries
founded colonies in:
hymns addressed to Indian gods
stories about gods
highly developed civilization
producing masterpieces of art
taught the brotherhood of all peoples and the fatherhood of God long before Christ lived
first grammar books
first study of phonetics
(a deeply religious spirit)
Vedas served as their Bible
Most importat epics of India are Ramayana and Mahabharata
reincarnation of Vishnu in the person of Rama
recounts the adventures of Rama and his wife Sita
reincarnation of Vishnu in the person of Krishna
longest epic found
as long as the combined epics of all Europe
King Pandu had five sons
He died and left his sons to his brother.
His brother had many sons and they coveted the kingdom for themselves.
Period of intrigues and battle that resulted in the exile of the 5 brothers
Indian Shakespeares: Kalidasa and Bhasa
greatest writer of plays
brightest of the "nine gems of genius"
Author of Shakuntala
first great name in India
thirteen plays atrributed to him
King goes hunting, meets Shakuntala, and fall in love
He marries her but can't stay with her because of official business
King leaves a ring with her
Shakuntala has a son.
They go to the king's court.
King lost his memory and repudiates his wife and son.
The gods take them to heaven.
Fisher finds the ring and shows it to the king.
King recovers his memory and repents.
Gods take him to heavenly regions.
rich collection of brief stories of ancient times
first fables ever written
collections of short stories
Rabindranath Tagore
great Indian poet and dramatist
awarded Nobel Prize fir literature in 1913
knighted by the British government in 1915
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