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Picasso Cubism

No description

Hassan Shaw

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Picasso Cubism

Who Was The Creator of Cubism?
Thomas Jefferson
Pablo Picasso; one of the most respected artist of his time. Shows a style of cubism throughout his work. His painting Guernica" one of the strongest expressions of antiwar sentiments of the twenty first century (Guernica: Testimony of war).
What do people think about his art work ?
Pablo Picasso was inspired by the artist Paul Cezanne for his use of two- dimensionality used throught his art work.
What people thought about Guernica
Picassos work was a series of overlapping planes, and facets in brown, grays , or blacks.. The subject of the painting, the bombing by Franco the Luftwaffe of the village of Guernica, shows the darkest side of what man is capable of doing to man. It embodies Robert Burn's lament " Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn".
Paul Cezanne was born 19 Jan 1839
His artwork was mostly dark in tone and feel .
He was the predecessor for cubism and also Fauvism.
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