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Types of Conflict in a Story

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Nicole Spaeth

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Types of Conflict in a Story

Types of Conflict in a Story
Quiz time!
Name that conflict!
Character vs. Character
The main character (protagonist) has a problem with another character (antagonist)
What does this look like?
Competition (think sports or running for student council)
Boyfriend/girlfriend thieves
Character vs. self
When the main character has a struggle with himself/herself.
What does this look like?
Disability (mental/physical)
Emotional (grief, sadness, frustration, anger, unforgiveness)
Competition with self (personal best)
Finding his/her identity
Forgetting the past

Character vs. society
When the character disagrees with what is going on in the world around him/her or the government.
What does that look like?
Think Hunger Games and The Giver
Hiding information from the government (Anne Frank)
Guilt vs. innocence in the law

Character vs. Fate
When a character is struggling with his/her destiny.
What does that look like?
Think Harry Potter... the chosen one to defeat Voldemort
Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe... The children are princes and princesses of Narnia to fulfill the prophecy

Character vs. technology
The main character struggles with the rise of technology. This is often a conflict in sci-fi, when stories take place in the future.
What does this look like?
Technology becomes more powerful than human beings
The benefits of technology soon become our worst enemy
Robots take over the world
Example: Wall-e
Character vs. Nature
When the character has a struggle with a natural disaster or surviving off the land or water... or a problem with animals in the wild.
What does this look like?
Natural disasters like tornadoes
A character stuck in the wilderness
Running from a bear
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