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alison capstick

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Honduras

HONDURAS $$ CURRENCY $$ FOOD LANGUAGE NATIONAL ANTHEM Casual Honduran Clothing RELIGION ART SPORTS HONDURAS Beer is a very popular drink in Honduras among locals and tourists. travel time and cost Honduras shares borders with Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala and touches both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Marino Punta Sal NP A 'typical' meal in Honduras is made up of eggs, beans, fried plantains, cheese, cream, a piece of sausage or bacon, served with tortillas or bread and coffee. Refried beans served with tortilla chips in a clay pot is called anafre. This is a very common food in honduras. Ceviche de pescado is a local favorite because the fish is so fresh and delicious. This is made with fresh seafood marinated in lime juice, garlic, and seasonings. DRINKS Salva vida
Port royal
Imperial COFFEE Similar to us, coffee is part of everyday life in Honduras. It is one of the countries top exports because of the high quality coffee grown. MUSIC Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Honduras. In recent years the Honduran football team have UNCAF Nations cup twice and have qualified into the FIFA World cup twice. SPORTS Honduran currency is called Lempira. Similar to Canadians, Honduran banks issue banknotes for: 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 and 500. The coins in circulation are the 10 centavos, 20 centavos, and 50 centavos. 1 (HNL) 0.05(CAD) Traditional Honduran Clothing Similar to Canadians, the Hondurans celebrate birthdays with a gathering of friends, a meal, and a pinata. Birthdays EASTER Catholicism is the most common religion in Honduras, therefore Easter is a very important time of the year. It is celebrated with special masses, parades, and feasts. students learning about how to take care of the environment, and about how fire,air, and water are important for the earth an example of a colorful community/culture called Garifuna and their traditional dances and music musicians in Roatan Mogote men singing The popular, fast paced music of Honduras The official language of Honduras is Spanish. While there are many languages spoken by Hondurans, the other regional languages are English, Miskito, and Garifuna. Safety and Precautions Visitors to Honduras have to take precaution as there is a high crime rate in the country. The crime rates are lower in the high tourist destinations such as Copan, Roatan, and Bay Islands, and if you prepare properly for your trip you will know how to avoid dangerous scenarios. Option 1: Delta Airlines
Round trip - Depart Toronto Intl Airport at 6:15am arrive at Atlanta Intl Airport, Depart for Toncontin Airport at 9:55 and finally arrive in Honduras at 12:45 (7:30 hours total) cost $640

Option 2: Air Canada Express (JAZZ)
First class round trip - Depart from Toronto Intl Airport at 4:35pm, make a connection in Houston and land in San Pedro Sula, Honduras at 4:20 am (12 hours total) cost $1167 Marino Punta Sal National Park in Honduras is full of coral reefs, rain forests, mangrove forests, and more of Honduras' most diverse areas. The different activities you can partake in include bird watching, snorkeling, camping and hiking. Perfect location for people interested in eco tourism. Cuevas de Taulabé The caves are full of 'hidden treasures' like skeletal remains from thousands of years ago. Sometimes the caves are referred to as "The Cave of the Glowing Skulls". The cave was discovered in 1969 and only 920 meters of it have been explored. La Copaneca is a local eatery that has lots of drinks and typical Honduran food to satisfy the tourists that explore the caves. Pulhapanzak waterfalls The falls have a 140 feet drop! Here you will spend the day swimming and jumping off of ledges into the beautiful lake. You can also go zip lining over the falls. National Football Stadium in Tegucigalpa This stadium is where the locals gather to cheer on their national team. It is a wonderful way to take in the culture and excitement of the locals! locals come for the football, and stay for the beer! ROATAN SHARK DIVE ROATAN SHARK DIVE Diving with sharks is a thrilling way to see the underwater life in Honduras. Here you can swim with and feed fish to sharks up to 10 feet long. In Honduras, the most common religion is Roman Catholic while less than 4% of the country is of other religion. Sensitive Issues freedom of expression
urbanization causing deforestation, environmental disruption
high count of domestic violence
high murder rate
drug use and trafficking CLIMOGRAPHS average temperature per month average amount of precipitation per month WHERE TO STAY Copan Ruinas $12
San Pedro Sula $5
Roatan Island $9
Tegucigalpa $4 City Prices From HOSTELS
Copan Ruinas $25
San Pedro Sula $20
Roatan Island $50
Tegucigalpa $40 HOTELS City Prices From Hondurans celebrate their Christianity on many different occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Hondurans use art to protest against the violence in their country or to capture the beauty of the country HONDURAS The United Nations Development Program states that Honduras has the highest per capita murder rate in the world as of 2010
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