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Brooke's Composting Prezi


Patrick Sweeney

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Brooke's Composting Prezi

Composting By Brooke Sweeney What To Add To Your Compost Bin What Not To Add To Your Compost Bin Leaves
Kitchen Scraps
Coffee Grounds
Paper Towels
Tea Bags
Hay Meat
Processed Foods
Oils These items decompose
They add nutrients
They give your soil a crumbly texture that holds moisture
The compost actually darkens the soil color and then it warms up faster in the spring This is a picture of the compost bucket that we use in my house. You must rotate the compost pile every single day so that it can ariate. Also, add your scraps the day that they are made to within a week because otherwise they will get gross. Rotating every day speeds up the process. This is a picture of the compost bin we use. Why You Should Add These Items To Your Comopst Why You Should Not Add These Items To Your Compost They rot and start to mold
They start to smell bad after a while
They attract animals
They don't contribute anything good to the compost Taking Care This is a picture of some compost that has been made in to dirt for the garden.
It will be shovled out when it is needed. These are red worms. They are different from regular earth worms. Red worms are better for compost bins. The red worms help break down the soil but they also
enrich it.
The red worms love to live in compost bins because they can
dig down and be in the darkness.
You can buy them online or you dont have to have them at all but they do help. Kitchen Scraps might include...
Banana Peels
Gone bad vegtables
Gone bad fruits
Peels or rinds
Seeds from cantalopes/melons You never know, but some times the seeds grow in to a fruit!!!
(It has happened to me before!) Fun Fact
The Sun Chips company has constructed the worlds first 100% compostable chip bag!!! Normal Week 3 Week 13 And this is an open compost bin that costs nothing but your time. This is a closed compost bin and you buy it at a store. Both kinds are equally efficent. Interested In Composting?
These Are The 3 Easy Steps:
1. Choose to use an open or closed compost bin.
2. Put in kitchen scraps, hay, leaves, and other compostable items.
3. Turn and rotate it and give it attention EVERYDAY.
4. Voila! In a matter of weeks or months, you will have perfect compost soil for a productive garden and healthier Earth. The garbage bags are filled with hay to keep down the scraps and so it is dark and gets hot. Heat is the most efficent way of making sure your compost is working. It is the micro bacteria releasing energy and eating the scraps/material.
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