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British Culture

No description

claudia revilla

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of British Culture

British Culture

Buckingham Palace
Palace of Westminster
Tower of London
Hadrian's Wall
The Windsor Castle
- One of the most attractive places in the UK
-It is located in Salisbury Plain in the country of Wiltshire, in the UK
-The construction is made of a large stone blocks.
-It was constructed during the late Neolithic and Bronze Age.
-It is said that this monument was used for religious ceremonies.
Stonehenge is a circle of ancient stones with the age estimated at 4000 B.C
The Big Ben
London Eye
Some Facts About Architecture of United Kingdom
St. Paul Cathedral
The Palace was built in 1705
for the duke of Buckingham
and its located between the
Green Park, Hyde Park and
St. Jame's Park in London
-Queen's Official residence in London
-It is used to receive and entertain foreign visitors
-The place has minimal or not connection with the current government of England.
-It has 600 rooms and its surrounded by 40 acre garden.
-It is open to visitors ONLY during August and
September when the Queen makes her annual visit Balmoral.
The palace of Westminster is an
outstanding building, one of the most well-known British prides and is officially a royal place.
-The palace of Westminster, which is also known as Houses of Parliament.
-It is located in one side of the river Thames in the London borough if the City of Westminster.
-UK citizens and foreigners are able to attend debates, watch committees, take tours inside the building.
-People can only tour parliament every Saturday and during the summer.
-Most of the buildings seen on the tour are relative new and were built in the mid 19th Century after devastating fire, but the route also incorporates some of earlier original buildings.
-Palace Westminster constructed in 1097 by William Rufus.

-The Buckingham Palace has its own police station.

-The largest Royal home is the Windsor castle.

-Big Ben refers to the bell and not the clock.

-Official Royal Palace, is considered World Heritage.

-This tower is in north of Thames river and was constructed in 1066 under supervision of William the Conqueror.

-In the past, the Tower of London was a fortress, prison and armory.

The Tower, or Bloody Tower as it is known, has been host to many famous executions and imprisonments.

People can visit this place free.

-Is a medieval castle and royal residence for over 900 years.

-Today is one of the homes of Queen in Windsor.

-This is the most attacked castle in the history of England.

-Is the most representative architecture of medieval times.

-It was built by the Normans from timber and later rebuilt in stone.
-Is a stone barrier which was built to separate the Romans and the Picts tribes in Scotland 2000 years ago. It allowed Roman soldiers to control the movements of people coming into or leaving Roman Britain.

-It was so well built that you can still see parts of it today
-The cathedral survived the Second World War and in this cathedral was the wedding of prince Charles and Princess Diana.
-The dome of the St. Paul's Cathedral is the second biggest dome in the world, after St. Peter's in Rome.
-The first St. Paul's Cathedral was built in 604 A.D but burnt down in 675.
-The rebuilt cathedral was again burnt down in the great fire of London in 1666.
-Sir Christopher Wren was given the task of designing and rebuilding (a task that was to take him 35 years to complete.)

One of the oldest cathedrals
in London
Each country has a particular icon, for example the statue of the liberty in the United States, England has an icon called Big Ben.
-The first clock was built in 1920 and in 1707 was demolished and the bell that had this clock was sold to St. Paul's Cathedral.
-An interesting fact is that in this clock the citizens
of England and many other people who travel to England celebrate the New Year with fireworks.
-The maintenance is not easy, the structure of the clock is very old.
-The Big Ben appears in many famous movies like:
102 Dalmatians , Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, etc.
-May be this is the most attractive place in England nowadays.
-Is the tallest Ferris wheel with a 450 feet (135m) high in all Europe (The third one in the entire world) and spins smoothly at a speed of 26 cm per second.
-Each rotation takes around 30 minutes.
-The London Eye was officially opened by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, on December 31st, 1999.
-The London Eye has become a 21st Century symbol for Britain.
-The lighting for the London Eye was redone with LED lighting from Color Kinetics in December 2006.
-From January 2011, its official name was changed to the EDF Energy London.
There are many famous landmarks and beautiful places to visit in the United Kingdom. They have a great history and beauty that are easy to admire.
Welcome to a little trip around the UK and his most attractive landmarks
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