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Edurne G.Z

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of THE TWINCAMP

Key competences, goals, subjects and level
Competence in linguistic communication (improve their reading, writing and oral skills).
Digital competence (develop digital key competence).
Cultural and artistic competence (learn about other countries).
Social and civic competence (learn to work in groups).
Autonomy and personal initiative (develop their creativity).
Work process
Before starting with the collaborative activities, each student is going to introduce himself/herself by recording a short video using an application called Zoobe (www.zoobe.com), so that the peers from their partner schools can meet them.
To begin with the first collaborative activity, the teachers from the 3 schools are going to use the chat on Twinspace to talk about the progress of the project. They are going to make 6 mixed nationality groups (2 students of each nationality in each group) by writing the members' names on Twinspace.
The project is going to last about three months and the students are going to work on it three times a week at different subjects (English, ICT, Science and Citizenship).
To sum up, the six comics and the presentations are going to be published on a blog created by the teachers from the partner schools using Blogger (www.blogger.com) and all the students are going to vote for the best comic using an application called Survey Monkey (www.surveymonkey.com).
In addition, each group is going to use an application called Meeting Words (www.meetingwords.com) in order to agree on the strips they are going to write on the comic.
Furthermore, each team is going to have a coordinator who is going to be in charge of writing the strips on Pixton (www.pixton.com).
They are completely free to choose the characters, the background images and the dialogues but they have to focus on the plot (it is explained on the abstract).
Thank you!
The aim of this project is to create a shared comic with the following plot:

Six students from different cities (Bilbao, Rome and Athens) meet at a summer camp in the Scottish Highlands and they talk about their likes and dislikes. They also describe their countries while they take part in different games, sports and outdoor activities.
Expected results
The best comic is going to be published in the local newspapers from the three cities (Bilbao, Rome and Athens).
In order to evaluate the previous objectives, each group is going to fill out a rubric that has already been created by the teachers from the 3 partner schools:

English, ICT, Science and
fifth level.
In addition, the students are going to fill in a feedback questionnaire to comment on their experience in eTwinning.
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