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The Lorax/Allegories

Allegory Project

Rachael Lowe

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of The Lorax/Allegories

The Lorax
Dr. Suess and Allegories
What is an allegory?
The literal meaning of the classic children's story, is that the need for thneeds did not outweigh the beauty of nature.
"The Lorax" was written in 1971 by Dr. Suess
during the backlash of the 1960's
environmental movement.
Literal Meaning
Symbolic Meaning
According to Greg Johnson in Chapter 6
Symbol, "Allegory and Fantasy", an allegory is
"a story that has a second meaning beneath
the surface, endowing a cluster of characters,
objects, or events with added significance; often the pattern relates each literal item to a corresponding abstract idea or moral principle."
The symbolic meaning of The Lorax is that we need to become more aware of how our actions affect the environment and its impact on later generations.
Dr. Suess' popular children's
books have a reputation
for having a second
meaning (allegory) that has to do
with real world problems.
Agree or Disagree?
Google Images
Chapter 6 Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy
Works Cited
In the new movie, The Once-ler
symbolizes how it only takes
one person to destroy
something and Ted symbolizes
that it only takes one
person to recreate it.
Additional Symbolic Meaning
1. Truffala trees
2. Lorax
3. Thneed
4. Once-ler
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