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Which is the better deal ?

No description

Monica Watson

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Which is the better deal ?

Which is the better deal ?
Did you guess that ?!?!?
WOW !!!!
It almost seems illogical at first because, after all, isn't two usually better than one?
also, 10" + 10" = 20" and that's bigger than 16" right?
so at first thought, you might assume that the two 10" pizzas would for sure be the better deal....
but that is not only untrue, its really quite a bad deal in comparison!!!
good deal......
Comparing Area
Hmmmm.....Let's investigate which is the better deal by determining how much pizza you're really getting in each option. We will start by finding the area for one 16" round pizza and comparing that to the area in two 10" pizzas
Math time......
Compare the following calculations.....

Now you know!!
It is clear to see that buying one 16" pizza will give you over 40 square inches of
pizza than the two 10" pizzas!!

That's really good to know so I don't waste my money!!

Math is so useful, isn't it !!!

best deal.....
pizza + math
= love
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