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Untangling the Worlds of E-book Formats

This prezi will help you understand the basic e-book formats and which devices use them.

A Dreiling

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Untangling the Worlds of E-book Formats

or how to keep all this straight
presentation by
Ann Dreiling
Kansas City Public Library Untangling the Worlds of E-book Formats Some formats will not work
If the device is tether to a Mac iOS or
Apple Android Windows Blackberry The Fire is a cross
between an ereader
and a tablet.
OverDirve Media
Console app can be
loaded to the Fire Kindle Nook Software
OverDrive Media Console
Adobe Digital Edition
OverDrive Media Console
BlueFire Reader app
Aldiko app
Kindle app Software
and Apps Other With the right app Android devices
can use the following formats:
AZW / Kindle

BlueFire Reader and Aldiko will allow
DRM PDF's to be read. E-books The standard Kindle's can read
AZW or Kindle format. They can also
read Open PDF's. The older open Mobi
format can also be read but not the DRM
Mobi. E-books The Nook can read both ePub (open and DRM) and
PDF (open and DRM) formats. They must be tethered
to a computer using Adobe Digital Editions. The Color Nook and the Nook Tablet can use the OverDrive App. E-Books Android devices can at this time only
play MP3 based audio books. Audio Books Apple devices can read the
following formats:

Bluefire Reader will allow moblie iOS devices
to read DRM PDF's E-books Apple devices can play MP3 formats.
While WMA might be a possiblity if the
device is tethered to a PC, there are often times
problems or complications when playing these
files. Audio Books http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/E-book_Reader_Matrix When all else fails use a search engine and find out more about the device. Hint Blackberrys have their own
OverDrive app and Kindle app.
They can use ePub and
Azw/Kindle formats. E-books Blackberry's can play the MP3 format. Audio Books Some Nook models can play
MP3 format audio books. Audio books Some Kindle models can
play the MP3 format. Audio Books The following formats can be used with the Windows devices:
PDF - Open
Only on PC's
PDF -DRM E-books Windows devices can play
the following format:

WMA Audio Books iOs
Other A key to understanding
formats is to keep
in mind the four basic
types of operating systems. There are many different
satalite devices which use

Kindle App
This app will allow the Kindle (AZW) formated
books to be read on a device. A Word about Apps OverDrive Media Console App
This app will only allow ePub e-books and
MP3 audiobooks. BlueFire Reader App
This app is available for Apple and Android
and will read ePub and DRM PDFs. Tethering to a computer is needed for book transfers. Aldiko Book Reader
This app is available for Android and will read ePuband DRM PDFs. Unlike BlueFire there is more control over where the e-books are stored on the device. Tethering to a computer is needed for book
transfers. https://sites.google.com/site/trainingkrazys/home/e-books-and-ereaders
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