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Senior Thesis Presentation

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Rix Huskypaw

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Senior Thesis Presentation

My Family Tree Dillon Oeser Oeser Family Conclusion Summary of Strobels The End. Oeser's Summary Wemiple 1900 Raymond 1930 Wemple 1860 Crosier 1860 Wick Family 1920 Darrach Family 1930 Wick Family 1940 Strobel Family Avallah Wick - Avallah Wick, was 41 in 1920. He was born in 1879, and hes working in a silk mill as a weaver. His wife, Hattie, was 40, His Son, Charles, was 8. His daughter, Viola, was 7, and his youngest son was Floyd at age 3. (Wick, Avallah 1920). Charles Wick - Charles Wick was born in 1899 and is 29 in 1940. He was 8 in 1920. His mother died Between 1920 - 1940. Must of been hard on him, to lose his mother at such a young age. (Wick, Charles 1940). Hugh Darrach - Hugh was born 1877 in Prince Edward Island, where he was born and raised. In 1930 Hugh D. Darrach still lived in Prince Edward Island. He was a Farmer, Dairy Farmer. (Darrach, Hugh 1930). James Crosier Sr. - In August of 1860, James M. Crosier, is working at a shoe factory in Cayua, New York. (Crosier, James 1860). William Raymond - William Raymond was a policeman in Connecticut, in 1930. (Raymond, William 1930). Benjamin Wemple - Benjamin Wemple was a farmer, His son probably helped him when he was farming on duh farmz. (Wemple, Benjamin 1860). Landan Wemiple - Landan Wemiple was the father of all the Wemiples and his Daugher got married to Fred Hagedan. She became Mary E. Hagedan. The rest of the family was younger and was only about 13-20. (Wemiple, Landan 1900). The Strobel's of my family varied with their occupations and life styles. They ranged from being weavers in mills in Minden, NY to farmers like on the Oeser side of my family. The Oeser's were only Farmers besides their ancestors. They must of picked it up later in the years, not so early in the family tree. All of the Oeser's were farmers in their ancestral times.
They weren't always farmers, I bet because they had to have picked it up at some point. The tradition still carries on today. My Aunts and Uncles are farmers to this day. Even my Dad still carries on the farming tradition, but ever since he was diagnosed with throat cancer, then lung cancer he stopped. Hattie Wick - Hattie Wick, Spouse of Avallah Wick was born in 1898 a year after her husband, Avallah Wick. She was a stay at home mother in 1920, as most women were back then. Her children were all unemployed because they were 8, 7, and 3. (Wick, Hattie 1920). Charles Wick - Charles Wick was born in 1919. He worked in an industry for either a weaver or a guide for the sewing industry. He lived on a farm once in his life but never worked on the farm. His son was four. His father worked in the same place as Charles is working at as well. (Wick, Charles 1940). Viola Wick - Viola Wick, she was seven in 1920. she was just a little kid, helping around the house with mom while dad was gone at work. She was the middle child of the family. (Wick, Viola 1920). Floyd Wick - Floyd Wick was the littlest of the wick family in 1920. He was 3 just a little baby. His mother was a house mother and his father worked at the Sewing mill in Minden. Where they all grew up. (Wick, Floyd 1920). Mildred Wick - Mildred Wick lived in Minden NY. She was 21 in 1940, Married to Charles Wick who was 29 in 1940 and worked at a Sewing mill as a weaver. He was following his fathers footsteps. Mildred was an inspector in the same mill as Charles. (Wick, Mildred 1940). Algine Wick - Algine was the Wicks' four year old son and since he was for he had no occupation either. He was born and raised in the Town of Minden Ny. (Wick, Algine 1940). Elizabeth Darrach - In 1930, Elizabeth L. Darrach lived in Prince Edward Island. She was the head mother of the house and had no occupation. (Darrach, Elizabeth 1930). Dilbert Darrach - In 1930 Dilbert Darrach was a dairy farmer as well as his father, Hugh D. Darrach. He was the son of Elizabeth and Hugh Darrach. (Darrach, Dilbert 1930). Julia Darrach - Julia A Darrach was the oldest daughter of Elizabeth and Hugh Darrach, She too was a house occupant. (Darrach, Julia 1930). Nelson Darrach - Nelson Darrach was a farmer, as well as his other family. (Darrach, Nelson 1930). Annie Darrach - Annie Darrach was 22 in 1930 and she had no occupation, most likely a stay at home person helping with mom and making children. Typical women had to do that when they were home in 1930 (Darrach, Annie 1930). Sarah Darrach - Sarah E Darrach was also as well a house occupant. Helping her mother in 1930. (Darrach, Sarah 1930). Mildred Darrach - Mildred V Darrach, was another female in the house of the Darrach's. Helping along with all of her syblings. (Darrach, Mildred 1930). Catherine H Rasmussen - Catherine Croiser was the wife of a shoe maker named, James Croiser. She was a stay at home mother in 1860 in Cayuya New York (Croiser, Catherine 1860). Sarah Crosier - Sarah Crosier was the first daughter of James M. Crosier and Catherine Crosier. She must have been a stay at home daughter helping Catherine around the house (Crosier, Sarah 1860). James Crosier - James Crosier, the son of James M. Crosier Sr. and Catherine Crosier. He had no occupation, might have been a farmer like the rest of the family. (Crosier, James 1860). David Crosier - David Crosier, at age 17 in 1860, was just the same as his syblings. No occupation. Nothing to do at all (Crosier, David 1860). Andrew Crosier -In1860, The Crosiers arnt very productive, only the father has a job as a shoemaker. Still no one has a job and there is no sign of school (Crosier, Andrew 1860). Mary Crosier - Mary Crosier, might have been a house maid or a helper for her mother around the house. Altough she had no occupation at the age of 4. (Crosier, Mary 1860). Lillie Raymond - Lillie Raymond was a house mother in 1900, she was the wife of William Raymond. She had three daughters, two of them in school. (Raymond, Lillie 1930). Elizabeth Raymond - Elizabeth Raymond was one of the three daughters of Lillie and William Raymond, She was in school at this time. (Raymond, Elizabeth 1930). Elsie Raymond - Elsie Raymond is the middle daughter of William and Lillie Raymond. She was the second daugheter in school. (Raymond, Elsie 1930). Alice Raymond was the baby of the Raymond Family. Being only 1 in 1900. (Raymond, Alice 1930). Dorothy Wemple - Dorothy Wemple, wife of Benjamin Wemple, was unemployed and she was a stay at home mother in 1860 (Wemple, Dorothy 1860). Ezariah Wemple - Ezariah Wemple was an unemployed adult at the age of ninteen in 1860 and stayed at home. (Wemple, Ezariah 1860). Elizabeth Wemiple - Elizabeth Wemiple was the mother of all the Wemiple. She was 44 in 1900. She had 5 Children with Mr. Wemiple, and one of them got married and her husband lived with them. (Wemiple, Elizabeth 1900). John D Wemiple - John Wemiple was the 27 year old son of the Wemiples. Thier first child, hes not married. Him and his Father, were a tobacanist (Wemiple, John 1900). Mary Hagedan - Mary was the daughter of the Wemiples who got married and then her husband lived with her and her family. Big family and he made it even bigger. Because whats not to love about family and friends. (Hagedan, Mary 1900). Fred Hagedan - Fred was the husband of Mary. Him and his Father in law were tobacconists. He must of held the family tradition. (Hagedan, Fred 1900). Blanch Wemiple -Blanch Wemiple is a women. At first I thought the name Blanch was a males name. In the Federal Census it says Daughter. Notice how the family name changed. They probably moved over seas and had their name changed from Wemiple to Wemple. (Wemiple, Blanch 1900). Alice Weimple - Alice Weimple was the house mother of the Wemiple family. In 1900 they lived in Virginia and all their parents were born in North Carolina. (Wemiple, Alice 1900). Lillie Wemiple - Lillie Wemiple was the daughter of the Wemiple family, she was 16 in 1900. No occupation, but she did go to school. (Wemiple, Lillie 1900). Landan Wemiple - Landan Wemiple was the youngest of the Wemiple Family. He was 13, and was still in school. So he couldnt take on the family tradition of growing tabacco. (Wemiple, Landan 1900).
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