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Grace,Anna and JD's project.

No description

JD Nishi

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Grace,Anna and JD's project.

DANCE TO SURVIVE REALITY T.V. SHOW! WEEKS CHARITY THE CHARITY What goes to the charity! WEEK FOUR WEEK THREE WEEK ONE CONTESTANTS VIDEOS INFORMATION Shakira, Justin Beaver, P!nk, Nate Ruess, Katy Perry. Each week the contestants have to dance the best
they can then they have to complete a challenge(the dance-wipe zones) but the one that has the highest score in dance gets a free pass to sit out the challenge act. The one with the lowest score in the challenge act(dance-wipe zone) is out of the competition. If one of the contestants win, then
they get $500,000 in cash this game show is for people who are good at dancing and are very
active the ages are 16-30! The celebrities still in the competition have to dance the Cha-Cha
Losers go through round two of Dance-Out The contestants will dance the Tango
The contestant that wins stays in the competition
and the losers will compete head to head on two rounds of dance-wipe THE DANCE-WIPE ZONE!!!
there is no dance challenge this week, just the crazy
dance-wipe zone, whoever gets the least time wins $500,000! HALTON WOMEN'S PLACE!
this is the charity we choose to invest in because we do not think it is right that some women and small kids are left homeless because the mothers are trying to save themselves and their kids from abusive relationships. Some women are too scared to even leave an unhealthy relationship or pretend like the relationship is fine even though they know it's not, we invest in this charity to get the word out there for women to know there is a safer place. The people at home choose which celebrates come and do this challenge, each time they pick a celebrity contestant it will cost them $2.00 all the money we raise each week by picking the contestants will go toward the charity. WEEK TWO About the show! They dance the waltz.
Losers have to go through the first round of dance-wipe HOST : Jack Black bY: gRaCe, AnNa aNd Jd JUGES: Grace, Anna and JD
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