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Curr114 Unit Project

No description

Megan Scholl

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Curr114 Unit Project

1. Label the sides of the grid.
2.Locate square you want to shade on picture.
3. Find corresponding grid square.
4. Pick method of shading.
5. Pick level of method to use.
6. Shade away!
Some famous artists who have used grid portraits
Chuck Close
Value Scales

Putting a grid on the picture
Ratio of
length of sides

You sank
my battleship!
Gridding Portrait
Leonardo Da Vinci
Students will learn 1 of the 7 elements of art: Value
They will be shown the value scales and how they apply to a black and white photograph
How is the original picture similar to your new sketch?
1: 1/2
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