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Food Systems Planning

Linking farmland preservation to community food systems

Sarah Megens

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Food Systems Planning

Community Food Systems Planning Preserving Farmland and Meaning It. Why local, and why now? Motivations may vary, depending on where you live. Urban Policy Silos HEALTH ENVIRONMENT MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS & HOUSING AGRICULTURE EDUCATION & TRAINING INDUSTRY & TRADE SOCIAL SERVICES BIG vs small Global vs Local Rural vs Urban Corporate vs Mom'n'Pop Supply vs Demand Conventional vs Organic Mainstream vs Alternative Rich vs Poor Environment vs Economy Industry vs Nature Us vs Them Food
Planner Sarah Rose Megens
M.Sc., N.Sch. Professional
Food Systems
Planner (Yes, people pay me to hear what I think.) Hard Stuff Michelle Obama Prince Charles Specialty Crop Areas Agricultural Land Reserve GREENBELTS Urban Agricultural Zones FEDERAL PROVINCIAL MUNICIPAL Trade Agreements (CETA/NAFTA) Environmental Treaties Agriculture and Industry Policies Environment and Health Legislation Land Use Planning Law Growth Plans Energy Plans Health Priorities Programs and Funding Community Food Systems Plan Official Plans Economic Development Plans Economic Impact Assessments Agricultural Impact Assessments Social Impact Assessments Environmental Impact Assessments Sustainability Plans Food Systems Assessments OBSTACLES Access and Distribution (Bottleneck) Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Reliance on Public Funding Stifled Innovation Policy Barriers Competing Interests Urban Growth Boundary Innovation Clusters The challenge for sustainable
community food systems planners
is to promote food production,
processing and distribution
activities that preserve and enhance
the use of the surrounding
agricultural land and support a viable
farming industry. Tools to Protect Farmland Progress Report: Number of farms in Canada continues to decline.
Down 10.3% to 205,730 nationally. Farms are growing larger. $500,000-$999,999 +11.8% $1,000,000-$1,999,999 36% (6,304) $2,000,000 and over + 22% (3298) And we're still losing farmland. Fruit and Vegetables Ontario & Quebec = 83% of fresh veg Total acreage is down 16.7% (Ont.) and 10.7% (Que.) Nominal gains in fresh market, no data on where the produce is sold. In order to expand, local food needs to
beyond fresh market and direct sales.
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