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The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching

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Deida Perea

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching

The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching
Approach and method
Edward Anthony



a) What the objectives of the method are,
b) How language content is selected and organized within the method
c)The types of learning tasks and teaching activities the method advocates
d) The roles of learners,
e) The roles of teachers, and
f) The role of instructional materials
a) The use of teaching activities (drills, dialogues, information-gap activities, etc.) to present new language or to clarify and demonstrate formal, communicative, or other aspects of the target language;
b) The ways in which particular teaching activities are used for practicing the language;
c) The procedures and techniques used in giving feedback to learners concerning the form or content of their utterances or sentences.
Topic 4
Topic 5
Theory of language: structural view, functional view & interactional view
Theory of language learning
a)What are the psycholinguistic and cognitive processes involved in language learning?
b) What are the conditions that need to be met in order for these learning processes to be activated?

'Approach does not specify procedure. Theory does not dictate a particular set of teaching techniques and activities' pg. 24
Influential figures...
Stephen Krashen
Tracy D. Terrell
Charles A. Curran
James Asher
Caleb Gatterno

Content choice and organization: The syllabus
Types of learning and teaching activities
Learner roles
Teacher roles
The role of instructional materials
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