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Household Incomes in Greater Bangkok and Northern Thailand


Vaidehi Agarwalla

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Household Incomes in Greater Bangkok and Northern Thailand

Household incomes in Greater Bangkok and Northern Thailand
of Thailand
What comes to your mind?
Or this?
When the topic of Thailand comes up, most describe and talk about Greater Bangkok, its most urban region, when not absorbed in describing its fascinating beaches. But many fail to see, under the blanket of urbanization, Thailand still remains a rural country.
Comparing monthly incomes
Almost 50% survive on less than US $15 a month
Over 60% receive salaries of US $450-3000 per month
Northern Thailand
Greater Bangkok
The facts:
Under the misconception, prejudice, of Thailand's successful capital people miss out the rest.
But what can we do?
Spread the word
Donate to Thai charities
Support Thai products
And much, much, more
Less than 1% of the population earns more than US$ 3000 a month
Almost 50% earn US$ 151-300 a month
Vaidehi Agarwalla
So what are you waiting for?
- studywiz
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