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vocabulary terms #2

No description

Kate Wages

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of vocabulary terms #2

vocabulary terms #2
-Kate Wages Challenge 2015

To harass some one and make them feel embattled and under pressure. For example; The dog made the baby boy feel so beleaguer the parents had to put the dog in a cage.
Confused or puzzled. For example; The teacher was bemused when her worst student had the highest grade on the major test.
To confuse or perplex, mystify, or confuse. To make someone inebriated and/or unable to think clearly. For example; The math problem befuddled the students.
To farther, as in a child; to cause or inspire the existence of something. For example: The book beget the movie's plot line.
Ready or inclined to quarrel, fight, or go to war. For example; The bellicose parents almost fought over the bad call during the baseball game.
Ready to start a war or fight; hostile, aggressive, or pugnacious. Describes participants in a war or fight. For example; The coach was in a belligerent state of mind after the other coach made him really mad.
Late or tardy; delayed after the specific time. Past due, often too late to be effective. For example; Bob was belated to class because he forgot how to get to class.
A formal blessing or expression of good wishes. For example; We can not leave church until the preacher says the benediction.
Kind or full of good will. For example; She is a great person ,because she is all ways benevolent.
To leave personal property to some one after death. For example; My great grandmother bequeath her gold heart locket to me.
To beg or ask earnestly. For example; The girl beseeched her parents to invite her best friend over ,but they said no.
To swindle or cheat. For example; On the test Lola bilked all her answers off of her neighbors paper.
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