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No description

Elle Lavorato

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of A

In a Sunburned Country
Bill Bryson

About Australia
All Areas of Southern Australia
Three parts of the book
Into the Outback
Civilized Australia (Boomerang Coast)
Around the Edges
Intended Audience
London Mail readers
People of Australia
His own readers
About the Author
Fifth trip
Went to see the real Australia
Believed Australia was a place worth getting to know
Had to leave Australia and then returned
The different people that he meets at these places
The different places he goes in each part of the book
Style of Writing
Point of View
Literary Devices
Simile: "It's not as festive, but it is far more dominant--you can see it from every corner of the city, creeping into frame from the oddest angles, like an uncle who wants to get into every snapshot."
Simile: "By the time we reached White Cliffs, in mid afternoon, we felt as if we had spent the day in a cement mixer."
Simile: "I returned to the hotel like a kid who had had a very full day at the county fair--exhausted but deeply happy."
Personification: "It was big U-shaped bay, edged by low scrub hills, with what seemed to me awfully big waves pounding in from a vast and moody sea."

Factual information that is relevant and interesting to what he is writing about.
Past Tense
To write a report for London Mail on Sunday
Also for himself
"You see, Australia is an interesting place. It truly is. And that really is all I'm saying."
First Person
Problems in each part of the book differ dealing with the enviroment
Assumption is that "Australia does not misbehave, it is stable and peaceful and good."
Full of interesting things
The people
Rugby Club
Bryson, Bill. In a Sunburned Country. New York: Broadway, 2001. Print.
Works Cited
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