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Problem Statement

No description

Chuck Brehmer

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Problem Statement

Rotary's Problems
Internal CRM has no external UI/API's for data access

Role and Club hierarchy are very confusing and does not match vendor hierarchy requirements

Data in the applications are constantly changing as they are a 24/7 organization

Complaints by users toas they are continually asked to sign on when navigating Organizations website
Current vs. Future
Problem Statement
Users need secure access to internal CRM data through multiple 3rd party applications using various devises
Balance of Integrating Security with 3rd Party Applications
Applications at Rotary
Users need to access different online applications depending on their Role in a Club
Prepared by Team: 4FromtheShore
Mohammed Haris
Sailesh Jalakam
Chuck Brehmer
Nikhil Thagadur

Possible Ideas
Pick a Cloud vendor for CRM

Reconfigure Role Hierarchy

Determine best solution for Role and access to all 3rd party applications
Once user's are within 3rd party applications, the user's should only have access to data associated to their own role
Rotary Club Central (Internal Built)- used for rating Clubs by District Governors
With so many industries moving to outsource their applications security of integrations is very important.

Having an in-house CRM tool that is not accessible from the outside there are needs to seamlessly be able to see data without compromising security
Simple implementation with limited changes on company's existing infrastructure and 3rd party applications
Grants Tool (Vendor) - used to manage Applications and Approvals
Applications Continued
AD accounts exist for Internal employees
Information is submitted to Data Services to have IDs created for External users
Each applications is managed separatly on Authentication and Authorization

External users need to register before they will be granted access
External users need to be mapped to their correct role without manual intervention
Everyone Internal and External is able to access applications accordingly
Details will be passed to applications for each user
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