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No description

Madeleine Student

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Rump

a young boy in search of his name, is the laugh of the village. He is a small, thin boy who believes that he will never find the rest of his name. That's why he never grows; you can't grow if you have half a name. On his quest to find the other half, he meets friends, enemies and family.
Rump - a frail boy who wishes to know his full name
Red - a young girl who befriends Rump and helps to defend him against the people who bully him
Gran - Rump's grandmother; she is the only family member Rump has left
Oswald the Miller - the person who hands out the food rations to everyone; he's very greedy
Rump's Name
When Rump was born, his mother was very sick. She was naming the boy when she died. Gran had only heard half of the name before she passed on. This name was 'Rump'. Now, Rump is going on a journey with his donkey - which he named Nothing - to find the other half of his name.
Rump lives on The Mountain. His town doesn't have a name because the people believe that items don't get names; only people. Names are destiny, and a mountain doesn't need to have a destiny. This is the same for The Kingdom, Yonder, and The Woods. None of these places actually had a name, they were just places.
Did I like it?
Yes, I liked the book. It was a fun, fairytale adventure in which a young boy is trying to find his name. As I read, I could see him growing up throughout the book, and that was an amazing thing to see. I hope that you read this book!
The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin
Rising Action
The climax of the story is when Rump
learns that in order to free him of the curse that he was put under, he needs
to find a magical object called a "stiltskin". A stiltskin, an object that belongs to oneself, something that they didn't buy (for instance, one's name), was what Rump needed to cure him
of his gold spinning curse.
Falling Action
The book starts off with the reader learning
about Rump's name, and how he got it. During
this time, the reader learns that he only has half
of his name. This leads to him questioning what
his name really is. Later in the story, Rump
discovers that he can spin straw into gold, giving
foreshadowing to his name.
The falling action is when Rump figures out how to be free of his curse.
Liesl Shurtliff
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